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Thoreau and the Language of Trees

An illustrated talk by Richard Higgins

In this presentation drawn from the book, I explore Thoreau’s deep connections to trees through his words, photos of historic trees and my own images of trees today. I  show how trees inspired Thoreau’s creativity as a writer, work as a naturalist, philosophical thought and spiritual life, and I explain why his love of trees and wisdom about them speaks to us today.

Download my talk flyer here

Consider hosting my talk

This talk is for a general audience. It is 45 minutes in length, followed by time for questions. It features has 60 striking images of trees. I've given it at libraries, adult education programs, nature organizations, museums and garden clubs, including:

  • Harvard Museum of Natural History

  • Harvard Divinity School

  • Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

  • Smith College

  • Holy Cross College

  • Arnold Arboretum, Boston MA

  • The Thoreau Society

  • Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston MA

  • U.S. Botanic Garden, Washington D.C.

  • Massachusetts Horticultural Society

  • Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


If you would like to host my talk, contact me at

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